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Beta Studios is a nordic noir sportfashion brand. Born from the wish to simplify your wardrobe and make it easier to incorporate healthy activity into your busy schedule.

Founder and owner Bente Tang has a long history within fashion.

“In a non stop world, racing forward at breakneck speed, I find time to balance work, play, love and life. From an early morning work out, back to meetings to a late dinner with friends and family, I am redefining the meaning of living an active life.

Beta Studios is a luxury women's activewear brand with a sophisticated downtown attitude that was created for precisely the way I live today. 

Taking inspiration from my life, I created a line for you, our modern style-setters, who demand both the best in fashion and function from your gear.

I want my pieces to be the ones you pick out of your closet first, regardless of where you're headed once you're out the door”.